Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another Retirement Adjustment

I'd forgotten just how nice it was, on the very hot and humid summer days, to step into my delightfully air conditioned office each morning. Having said good-bye to that great place almost a year ago now, my current "office" is my home, complete with a very cute 6 year old boss. He even brings me a bouquet with my newspaper in the morning, along with his charming smile.

BUT, there is no A/C and that is giving me some uncomfortable days and sleepless nights. I do have the possibility of AC in my bedroom but the noise (even with ear plugs) is too much.

Oh yes, I know I am protesting way too much, but my constant hot flashes compound this matter to the enth degree! Today the sun is behind clouds so there is the slightest relief, but yesterday, I just cried from frustration.  I did get myself to the gym to workout with my trainer and that saved my sanity to some extent.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled to go to Boston for a long-awaited reunion with my aunts, and sure hope the promised cooler, dryer air arrives by  morning.

From this heat addled doting Nana, I wish you love. peace and coolness!!


Sharon said...

I am enjoying your updates:) It has been humid here with intermittent thunderstorms and downpours, which hasn't helped much with the humidity but is good for the gardens. I don't mind the heat - soak it up and wish I could store it for January. The humidity wilts me, but if it comes with heat I'm okay with that. The secret is to remain hydrated. Enjoy your trip to Boston and may dryer air prevail ~

Judy said...

I could not bear it at this age. Mitsubish1 makes room air conditioners. Not window ones. No duct work. Hangss up by the ceiling. You might want to check it out. OR, to keep everyone cool, get the kids to put in central air.