Friday, July 24, 2015

A Quick Hello

Today has been the most beautiful day!  The skies have been so clear, the air very dry, and little breezes to cool.

I had a very busy morning taking Teddy to the bus, then enjoying a perfect session with my trainer, before going home to prepare for lunch with a very dear friend on the Plymouth waterfront.  Plymouth is completely packed with tourists as we near peak of summer, but I was in luck and found the perfect parking spot very near where I needed to be.  My friend, Marie and I could have talked all day! We have such a long history, dating back to the baby days of our children.  Instead we had to finally say good-bye, as I was heading back to the Cape to come to LM's house.  Marie and her husband will be taking a Baltic and Scandinavian cruise throughout much of August, so I suspect next time I see her, we will have so much more to talk about.

My love is in Maine, but on the way home.  Meanwhile, after a little nap, I am preparing to go to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod to see a locally made (filmed on Nantucket) movie, "Peter and John."  As I was driving here this afternoon, I was reflecting on how many fun things I can choose to do in my life now.  It is about a year since my retirement and there has been a lot packed in, I feel better than ever, and am very grateful for this time. 

So now, that is just a little glimpse of my day, and shortly, I will give Ms. G a bye-bye pat and be off to meet another friend at the Art Center to enjoy the movie.   When I get home I will receive a royal LM welcome and our weekend will officially begin. 

Love to all!


Judy said...

You are so completely blessed!!!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Hi, Marcia! This is Erin from I Heart New England. Long time no talk! :) Just letting you know that I'm back on Blogger and have a new blog, I hope we can reconnect on there and catch up soon! xoxo