Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A New Friend

Good Morning.....whoa, it is way too warm for me....humidity just knocks me out of the game and makes me feel sick.  Wrapped up in quilting will do that on a hot July morning, I guess. Today, I am going on a little "field trip" with a fellow-quilter, and new friend, whom I have gotten to know through my personal fitness trainer.  We are going to visit her longarm quilter to pick up two recently completed projects. Should be interesting, and a nice opportunity to get to know my new friend, Chaille. I am in the middle of finishing a quilt which will be a gift,  and I was so inspired to sew by seeing my sister, Margaret's, beautiful work, on our recent visit to Canada (yes, I MUST finish posting the photos of that glorious trip).
Margaret has been hand cutting, sewing and assembling blocks for her version of Jen Kingwell's pattern, "Green Tea and Sweet Beans," and here are a few photos I snapped with my phone on our recent visit. As you can see, Margaret is a master of applique.
So much joy being with one of my sisters

Love these daffodils.

Speaking of sisters, I spent a goodly portion of yesterday helping my Colorado sister, Susan, plan a trip here to Cape Cod for the Fall. Happy to say that her tickets are in place and she will be here for a week in October - a very beautiful time to visit our glorious arm in to the sea. Cannot wait!

So, feeling a bit soggy, I am getting my day stared!  Wishing you all a beautiful day, and PEACE.

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Judy said...

Humidity does the same to me! Had the A/C on the last two days. A nice cool front is headed you way--it went through here late this pm and is almost too cold now. LOL