Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is This South Florida?

That is what it feels like.....the air is so oppressive and there is not a breeze to be found, and my body is less and less happy with heat as it ages, and, oh yes, in the winter I cannot get warm. Story of life, I guess. Well, maybe global warming plays a small role!!

Today was sort of a lost day as I just stayed very quiet in order to not feel like I was going to collapse.  I did go to several nice cool stores to walk around after I took Teddy to the camp bus this morning.  Luck was with me at Savers, a large thrift store, where I found a lovely little black dress for $3.50. I haven't owned a LBD for years but thought it would be a good thing to have. You never know..... I also found some books.

It has just begun to rain very hard here, and I am headed off to bed. When DIL, Alison came home from work tonight, she set up a portable room AC unit in my bedroom, and I cannot wait to enjoy the relief. Tomorrow promises to be cooler, and I may go to the Plymouth Farmers Market in the afternoon.

LM is fishing tonight with much success.....happy as a clam.

Love and peace to all.

1 comment:

Judy said...

You should be cooler on Friday.
Almost cold here in the mornings, which I really do love.
I did not realize that you didn't have whole house A/C.
I'll bet they ALL will want to visit your room from now on. :-)