Tuesday, August 4, 2015

...."Havin' a Heat Wave

We've been having a prolonged stretch of uncomfortable hot and humid days, and I am about at my limit with the coping. They had promised that tomorrow would be the end of it for awhile, and I just heard that we won't have relief until Thursday.  I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of things to do, and everything seems to tax me beyond my patience and physical endurance.   All this is slightly exaggerated, but I am frustrated with trying to sleep, and also the constant hot flashes - 20-30 a day, not to mention the many, many that soak me during the night, disturbing my sleep.  GRRRRRR.

I have numerous sewing projects, particularly a quilt needing to be finished soon, and I can hardly bear to touch the fabric.  Thursday better get here fast, so I can get the borders sewn on and get the project over to the professional quilter for finishing.

Meanwhile, Teddy is going to camp everyday, and loving it, although he does come home very tired.  He's very proud of his canoeing and swimming progress. My birthday was Saturday and when I arrived home on Sunday afternoon, Teddy was in full party-planner gear, and  had my sitting room and the dining room fully decorated, and there was even a lovely bouquet of sunflowers to greet me.  Very sweet.

A very strong thunder storm whipped through our area this morning at about 7:30 and did quite a bit of damage when a microburst touched down. We had no power for about 6 hours.  There were trees, branches and poles down throughout the town and in neighboring areas.  Luckily we had no damage. It was sunny one minute and dark as night the next, and dire warnings to head for the basement, etc. We all stayed calm and it passed very quickly. WHEW.

Tomorrow I am off to meet with some new quilting friends and talk about our favorite subject.  It will be fun to have the input and inspiration.

That's about all the news until I can get myself cooled down and feeling human again. 

Love and peace to all!!


Judy said...

Can you take Estroven? It is an over the counter, soy based product that helps with the hot flashes. BUT--why are you having sweats? In your 70's? Have you asked the doctor? Night sweats can be a sign of a heart problem. You better get that checked out--I mean it!!!!!

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm sorry about the heat. We have had the coolest summer I can remember since I lived in the mountains as a teenager. It has been heavenly. You should come to Colorado. ;)

I'm glad you are making some new friends.