Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th

Happy 4th!!  Yesterday we kicked off the holiday weekend with a delicious lunch along the Swan River in Dennisport at Clancy's Restaurant.  The Swan River is tidal and flows in and out of Nantucket Sound - a very popular place for kayaking.  It was a perfect day and sharing it with LM made it even more special.

 Snowy egret fishing along the river banks while we dined.

Our holiday observance will be quiet, with some visits in the later day to the beach. We'll spend some time cooking together - half the fun is the planning and shopping - and I know I will be reverent about my childhood memories of the 4th.  Growing up on the South Shore of MA, we were lucky to be able to attend the parade in Hingham, and visit lovely family friends, who would welcome us warmly and serve us ice cold ginger ale under the arbor of privet by their fish pond in the garden. We'd be accompanied by our grandfather.  Meanwhile, Nana and Mum would be at home preparing a lovely dinner of poached salmon with dill, boiled new potatoes, fresh peas, and always, strawberry shortcake for dessert.

 Those memories are very close to my heart this year, as I am also filled with gratitude to know that we have new laws enforcing our inalienable rights of freedom to marry the person of our choice.

We are beyond grateful for the freedoms afforded us as citizens of this beautiful country.

Love to all my family and especially my beautiful children and grandchildren, you fill my heart each day with happiness and admiration.


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Judy said...

My memories of past July 4th's not as good as yours.
Sounds like you will have a wonderful day--with those you love.