Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teddy Tuesday

Teddy and I are off on an adventure today - actually, Teddy is having an adventure, and I am trying to hide from the heat and humidity that is robbing me of sleep, and making my hot-flash addled brain and body pretty unhappy.  We're going to visit my friend, Priscilla, who lives on a sweet and shady pond. T will get to play in the water and use his fishing net!!  Of course, the heat doesn't bother him one bit. At home he has been completely absorbed in building a giant parking garage for all his cars and trucks. He's made it all by cutting up and taping with masking tape. His imagination has been in full gear for 3 days on this construction project.

I'll be back later with some pictures, but in the meanwhile, here is a pretty one I took on the weekend at a secluded harbor in Yarmouthport, on the bay side of Cape Cod. It was such a peaceful moment with LM.

Actually, this post is a day late and we did have a lovely time with Priscilla. Teddy got a chance to hunt for critters at the little beach.....the ground was teeming with tiny toads, and of course, he was really wanting to get out on the water in one of the kayaks.....not to be that day, but we will go back for a water expedition.
This charming cottage has been in Priscilla's family for many, many years - I spent some very happy childhood and teenaged years here, that helped shape my desire to live out my life on Cape Cod.  Soon this place of fond memories will be sold, and Priscilla will move to NH to live with her daughter.  We wish a new family centuries of happiness here, too.
Catching toads
One classically cute little boy moment
There was a beautiful pair of red bellied woodpeckers in this ancient tree, and a little fun on a swing in the giant white pine. He didn't quite believe that his Nana had enjoyed the same swing.

The neat driveway leading to the cottage from the street.
My Teddy brought me this bouquet this morning when he "delivered" my newspaper to me in my sitting room. 
This is a privileged life I lead!!


Judy said...

Oh--I want to move into that cottage---NOW!
10 years ago, I "almost" bought the home of my BBF--I had spent so many fun days there with her. It was only 4 miles from my family that still lives on the family farms. I thought how much fun it would be for my BFF, who only lived 2 miles away, to be able to come visit me and her childhood home.
The price of the home was right, but the $$$ having to be spent to fix it up would have outdone me.
What a wonderful of memories and new things you had. So glad you shared it with Teddy, he will remember this day forever!
Precious little boy!!!!!

Julie Fawkes said...

He has your smile xo

Marcia AND Judy, thank you for letting me into your lives via your blogs.
You are both remarkable women.


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you so much Judy and Julie......Judy, I know about the houses that got away. There are a few in my past, too.

Julie, thanks so much..I am so happy you are still "with" me. Trying to write more these days. Hope you are having a great summer. You, too, Judy....