Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Weekend, etc

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about Ms G yesterday. She is an amazing cat, and gives us so many delightful and funny moments in our lives. I have to relate a funny Ms G incident over the weekend.....first of all, she was pretty miffed that we were gone for 14 hours on Saturday. We were exhausted from the long and tediously stressful drive to New Jersey and back.....I am amazed at the number of thoughtless and careless, not to mention dangerous, drivers on the road. Thus, we were relieved and so happy to be home Saturday night. I collapsed in sleep at 8 pm and slept well until 8 am Sunday, with the exception of what happened with Ms G when LM came to bed several hours after I did. He got into bed and we were facing each other, suddenly, Ms G jumped onto the bed and darted from one side to the other across our legs....she was just frantic and then stood on us and began screaming....it was LOUD. She cannot stand it when she is unable to cuddle with LM on his face side. We started laughing so much that we knocked her off the bed. Next thing I knew, I had LM's back and guess who had the front? Just another "Life with Ms G" story. That girl knows what she wants and likes, and compliance is mandatory, if you wish to sleep, that is.

We really had a fun weekend. The trip was interesting even if unexpected. We were in the middle of a city to pick up the car and the neighborhood was pretty sketchy but we survived and I got to drive the new car back. No time for any stops except brief rest breaks but it was a nice day and we saw a glorious morning sunrise in the rear view mirror.
Sunday was a day to do things around the house, cook a nice meal together and enjoy some football....well, it would have been happier if the Pats won, but that's sports. I caught up on weeks of wash and had some great cuddling time with Ms G while the games were on.

With Monday a holiday from work, we had time to share the day with my dearest friend, Sue. She's making a quilt for her daughter and I helped her with some cutting challenges. We shared a nice lunch with LM and had some time to chat and catch up on our lives. A perfect day, felt at peace and so happy working with creativity and beautiful color to make a gift to bring warmth and love to a new marriage. LM was so helpful as I set the house up for us to work on the project. Sue brought home made oatmeal bread as a delicious addition to our lunch.

On a more somber note.....John has his court appearance this morning to determine if he will return to jail or not. We are tense about it but resigned to accept what is. John stopped by for a short visit yesterday. I can only imagine how he is feeling. We are hoping for a continuance or assignment to a community youthful offender program.
We are trying to move a mountain here and our might may or may not be enough. When I hugged John good-bye yesterday afternoon the fear that it might be the last hug in years was palpable.
I'm meditating on a positive outcome. It is the only tool I have.


Anonymous said...

I have an idea. The next time Ms G hops in bed with you, you should leap up and hop back and forth and then up facing LM. Leaving Ms G the backside!! A tit for tat...or should it be cat? lol...debbie

I hope Johns outcome is good. Hopefully if it is, he will realize how close he came and stay on the good side of the law. I pray he doesn't have to go back...

judemiller1 said...

sometimes it takes several times for a "child" to learn their lesson. I am hoping John does not have to go back and realizes his errant ways and...grows up. It took my son several years to realize all of that.

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