Friday, January 14, 2011

Dormancy and Stoking the Fire!

Does anyone else feel like they are in a dormant state?? I woke early this morning, and lay there for a bit thinking about how sluggish, tired and dull I feel. My body is craving movement, stretching, heating up. I saw my acupuncturist, Jenni, on Monday and felt wonderful the next day, yet, even she commented that my "fire" is very low. Fortunately, my spirits are not too low, as that has been a tendency for me in winter. Jenni encouraged me to eat foods to kindle my fire. Her suggestions include kale, brussels sprouts, oatmeal, chard and turnip greens. All things I love and do eat. Not often enough. She also said more touching and intimacy is necessary in winter. In that regard, I am looking forward this morning, to going to LM's after work and staying for the 3 day weekend.
Although I crave moving about for exercise, it is a lot more of a challenge with snow and ice everywhere. I'm going to find a cleared neighborhood tomorrow and take a walk, even if it is in a parking lot, and just may drag LM along. He, too, is really dormant! We both need to begin waking up a bit.
The weekend has a few is to acquire some amaryllis bulbs and plant them in a pretty container. Watching them emerge can only bring spring to our souls.
There will also be sewing. I've packed up my machine and cutting equipment and will work on a surprise project. On Monday, friend Sue will come over for help with a surprise quilt she is creating, and we will have a visit that I am sure will rejuvenate my soul. We'll also share a little lunch with LM....the chard, shallot and tomato quiche I made this week.....and yes, there is a tad of bacon sprinkled on the top. Bacon (a rare treat) makes my world better! Ms G agrees.

Time to get out up and move. It will be a very exciting day at work today. Cannot write about it yet, but soon enough.
Sending positive energy to our friends in Australia for flood relief, and, deep compassion and healing wishes to Tuscon, AZ.

Happy weekend everyone....I'm off to stoke my fire.


Retired English Teacher said...

I think the only fire that get stoked regularly around here is the one in the family room to keep us warm. I think it is really hard to not slip into depression when the earth is covered with ice and snow. You seem to be doing the right things to melt things and get some positive vibes going again.

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling a little Kooky myself. Having to stay in for so long and it being so cold ALL the time. No sun to speak of. I need my fires stoked by golly!! We have been using our gas logs a lot lately. They are so warm!!! I think I'm going to make Brownies today to be rebellious against all this cold gloomy weather...I need a treat. Chocolate. does me good. doens't do my sugar any good but it does my head and mouth good and I'm going to even put icing on THERE!!

judemiller1 said...

My daughter gave me an Amaryllis for Christmas and it is growing like crazy. Always seems to make spring come to the house when it blooms.