Sunday, January 23, 2011


Two posts in one day .....
Thank you everyone for your kindness and concern regarding our challenges with John. Warily, we are taking these changes one day at a time. John and LM appeared in court on Friday, met with the judge and the probation department and the monitoring bracelet was attached. John moved in to LM's house and has already made a nice neat place for himself upstairs in what was formerly Ms G's lair/cave. Ms G has adjourned to the floor under LM's bed in the most remote corner. She is sad and shaky. Very strict rules are in place and the Community Corrections day program begins tomorrow at 8:30 am. John has a 100 ft range from the house where a monitoring machine is set up. He has a 45 minute window to get to and from the program and LM will drive him each way daily.
Yesterday, I went over and cooked a nice dinner with lots of left overs and we shared an enjoyable time, although tense for LM and me as we know there is no time for us to really be alone. It was nice to share a lively conversation with John about my memories of him as a child, and good to laugh a bit. He desperately needs this feeling of family, and i intend to do everything I can to help LM establish that environment for his son. I came home to my house around 8 pm. There is a dramatic change in LM. He is nervous, and he is needy. Two things I have not seen in him before. He is only showing this to me but it is palpable. He's very determined to give this last ditch effort for John and assures me we will be fine. He's made known to John that this is having a dramatic impact on our lives.

So today, I took Kristi to visit my brother and family and it was a nice distraction. We had a great meal and conversation. I will download some lovely pictures I took of the day when I can.
Right now I need to prepare for the workweek and am going to settle down and watch "Downton Abbey" on PBS. LOVE IT!

The wind is howling here and it is so bitter cold......hope everyone is cozy warm comfy this winter evening.


Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well for you three. Well...four. Can't leave Ms G out can we?! I hope John will take this serious and do what he is supposed to do and not let down his father or himself. Hopefully the idea of returning to jail will have a good effect! My prayers are with you all and strength for John...debbie

mrspao said...

Hope they all get used to the new way of life. Perhaps a routine like that will help John to get more out of the program he is on. Scritches to Mrs G..

janet said...

Hoping things will calm down and settle into a good pattern for all of you.
And I love watching Downton Abbey, too! It has me looking forward to Sunday evenings.