Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two years Old - Teddy, WOW!

Happy New Year!!! I'm kicking off the new year with a little bit of overdue catch-up. The last month has been a blur of celebrations, barking dogs, and the cap-off of 2010 - a week's visit with my grandson, Jared and his girlfriend, Jessica. They drove all the way from Ocala, FL and we have had a delightful time showing them around Cape Cod. There will be lots of photos of their visit, but first, we must back up to December 13 and Teddy's 2nd birthday party.
There was an Elmo theme this year.....
With Nana, Teddy had just woken from a nap and was very cuddly and clutching his chipmunk. When you squeeze the chippy's right toe he sings an Alvin song. A big Christmas hit.
Here's the joyful one gleefully chasing a balloon.
Blurry, but I love it....
Ready to have dessert.
Caught LM in a funny glance but he was really having a great time. He is a big hit with Teddy.
Teddy watched cousin, Samantha don her party hat.

Getting ready to celebrate...intently watching others playing with the party favors as his Mom lights the candles.
Kristi had lots of fun and showered Teddy with gifts, thoughtfully chosen.
Teddy's grandfather, Alan, holds another baby cousin to be admired by Teddy and Samantha.
Proud Daddy and the birthday boy.
Sara and Samantha enjoying the party mood.
Time to open presents and Samantha was a wonderful helper.

Alison's Dad gave Teddy the cutest "little boy" sofa bed and he LOVES it.
A lovely time was had by all!

Be back soo with Christmas pictures. It's been a lovely, very full month, and best of all, I have been with LM everyday for the past week.....alas, it is back to work tomorrow and to my house tomorrow night. I will miss Ms G and my dearest love but I go with a full heart, looking forward to Friday and to every precious moment we have together.
Hope everyone had a great passage into the New year. Ours was very quiet and just the way we like it....together at home.
Onward 2011.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Happy Birthday, Teddy!

So glad all is well with you :) ♥

Anonymous said...

I loved Teddy's cake! how cute! and so festive with the colored sprinkles around the top! Hope it was chocolate! His party looked like a lot of fun! Seems like forever since my girls were 2!! Hope this year brings a lot of good things for all of us. We are due aren't we??...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing.

judemiller1 said...

We did manage to get to see "the ball" drop and then to bed.

Teddy is adorable!!!