Saturday, January 15, 2011

Away we Go!

Just as we were about to eat dinner last night, LM and I got a call to go to New Jersey today for the local Ford dealer......dinner was shelved, and we were in the car to get the paperwork and prep for the trip. It is now just after 3 am and we are out the door for an all day trek. It will be fun. As ony one who's been around these parts for awhile knows, we love road trips.....we'll drive together in a new Honda Fit on the way down and drive separately back in a 2011 Ford Escape. Nice days pay for having fun.
So much for a restful Saturday but it's always an adventure here at chez LM and MM. Ms G is NOT happy that we are out of bed so early. Not to worry, she has a hearty supply of treats and water.