Sunday, January 9, 2011

Samantha Meets Frosty

We woke up to a beautiful heavy snowfall this morning. LM and I love the cozy feeling of being inside on a morning like this.....we've enjoyed a nice breakfast of home made waffles, watched our favorite morning shows, and read the paper. All with help from Ms G. LM has just gone out to shovel and I'm getting ready to go out to clear off the cars. The sun is beautiful on the new snow and I am needing the fresh air.
We're thoroughly enjoying our first quiet weekend of the new year. I guess it takes all the holiday hubbub to make us truly savor these quiet times. Yesterday we did go out for a great long walk and take a ride to our favorite beach to watch the storm front moving in.

As part of my effort to catch the blog up with all my is Samantha's trip to see Frosty.
Starting a new tradition, Sara and I took a Saturday before Christmas to bring Samantha to see the Christmas train exhibit and meet Frosty the Snowman at a local department store. She was spellbound and we had such fun enjoying it all through her eyes. She picked out a special ornament to purchase for her tree as a momento of the day, and sat down to write a letter to Frosty, as well. We didn't count the various train set-ups but they were numerous and amazing.
This castle was fascinating....
Here comes the Christmas train!

Samantha enjoyed several warm hugs with Frosty as he/she made their way around to greet all the visitors.

It was really fun and we had a nice lunch afterward, along with some shopping. Hopefully, next year we can be joined by Teddy! seems that frosty had time to write letters to all who left one for him that day, and Samantha was one very thrilled little girl to receive that special note.


Anonymous said...

What FUN!! Even for an adult that would be fun! What a great idea, having Frosty, and being able to write him!! And getting a letter back!! That is really special for the kids. Great idea! We had a lazy morning too. Bob had the fire going early to knock off the chill, and we had a peaceful breakfast before little Reilly woke up. She spent the night last night while here M & D went out to eat and to see a movie for their Anniversary. It is bright and sunny here this morning! So nice to even SEE the sun!! But it was only 14 this morning when I took Coope out to pee. Glad you and Lm were able to have a nice weekend!! ....debbie

Kittie Howard said...

I'm delighted you and LM are enjoying a special weekend. I'm getting caught up after our trip, but remember the angst prior to the holidays and am happy you're having peaceful moments (the older I get, the more of a treasure they are; when I was younger I didn't think much happened to older folks, HA!)

Hub's down with a bug. Got chicken soup on the stove. He doesn't get sick very often but when he does, wham! He can't take the flu shot because of egg allergies. Here's hoping for the best.

Did you know I was a train freak? OMG, but I love trains and vicariously enjoyed your photos. And for Samatha to receive a letter from Frosty, well, life is good!

Retired English Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing. I was wondering how the weather was out there now that my son is now in the Boston area. I haven't heard from you, but I did read about it on your blog. :)

judemiller1 said...

We love being snowed in. Everything seems so soft and quiet.