Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jared & Jessica Meet Teddy

From the totally discombobulated world of Ms G. LM, and me, another catch-up post from Jared and Jessica's visit. You can breathe a sigh of relief now. It's the last one! If you suppose I am avoiding the present, you are right. More on that later.

Guess who's feet these are.......yes, we, along with J and J, visited with Elmo's top fan, Teddy, and his parents, on New Year's day. As is often the case, when we arrive, Teddy is having a nap and it takes awhile for him to wake up. He's wakes early in the morning and plays hard. Wise plan for the future, dear Teddy.Jared had not yet met his cousin, Teddy, and it was a sweet time.
It did not take long for these two wonderful guys to realize the bond of cousins.
Visiting and having Teddy as the center of our attention and entertainment reminds me of when my children were small....countless times, we sat in my Mum and Dad's living room doing the very same thing.
Of course, Jared had to meet his "outlaw cousin," Mr. Squirrel. He couldn't quite get why we were urging him to visit the other cousin in the garage....we are indeed a quirky squirrel-crazy family. Jason keeps his dear squirrel as close to the family room as possible, and he's probably better off there in all his taxidermied splendor, not to mention that Alison is none too pleased with cousin squirrel.
Everyone gets some love, and the owners of cell phones and cameras get lots. Teddy and LM, lovers of gadgets, have a special and sweet bond.
Our dear hostess, Alison, as we share a delicious Mexican casserole of her creation.
Teddy was most excited to show off his "big-boy bed," so as soon as dinner was finished, we all followed him upstairs to his room. Christmas week was his first week sleeping in the new bed and there was much excitement.
Armed with Nana's cell phone, Teddy was very happy to demonstrate how he goes 'night-'night. By this time he was really winding up and getting his party face on.
Next up was Teddy changing into his pj's and a return to the family room for play.
Also, after dinner, Sting made an appearance. He played an hilarious game of hide 'n seek with Teddy. There was much chasing and squealing.
Sting came dashing through the kitchen by Teddy, seeming to invite the chase....and chase is what he got...
Alas, After a few chases through all the rooms Sting made a successful dash through his cat door into the laundry room. Inside the laundry room is a closet with another cat door leading to the litter box "room." Teddy was thwarted again and kept trying to get through the cat door. Pretty funny! We all settled down after our hearty bout of laughter and Teddy "performed" in the family room....
He had to have a few hugs from Nana and LM and never once let go of the cell phone.
Peering in to Jared's camera. I love how he does this!
After Nana retrieved her phone, he knew just where to find another from LM and here he sits quite smug with his acquisition. It really was such a fun evening......That chair is from my grandmother's house. After my Mum inherited it, she had to have the seat re-rushed so many times from the cats tearing it apart with claws. Funny memories.
We love you so much, Teddy!!


Anonymous said...

Teddy looks like a little jail bird in his jammy's. lol Looks like everyone had a great visit. I bet Jared and Jessica loved meeting him and the garage friend!!...debbie

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So sweet!