Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ms G is not happy that I had the audacity to visit her last night after being with dogs all day. She had no inclination at all to sit on my lap, and only had eyes for her LM. Oh well, I'm getting conditioned to her traitorous behavior.

On a more serious note, LM continues to be quite sick, AND refusing to see his dr. It does seem to be shingles as he has a rash and is in a great deal of pain. He claims (promises) he will make the call tomorrow. In sheer frustration I told his daughter today. Perhaps she will be more successful in convincing him to seek treatment. I'm living with a heart-in-throat feeling knowing he is so sick.

The weekend with the dogs was uneventful. They were pretty well-behaved and did not do the early morning yipping which has been an issue in the past. Yesterday, LM's sister and a friend came for lunch and we had a lovely visit. Wish the weather had been nicer for the little tour around town we had.
Early this morning, I did some birding and saw lots of loons, seaducks, and a beautiful kingfisher. There is a huge storm at sea and it drives them in. Tonight we have heavy rain and gale force winds and it is so chilly that we may have some snow and sleet in the night. Not pleasant!
That's it from my corner of the world....hope yours is warm and cozy and happy.


Linda said...

Sorry about LM. Shingles are no fun. Bob has had them. I hope I'm getting the shot next week so I won't have them.

Living so much of my life in central Texas I've never been around water birds much. I get so excited over seeing them in Oregon. They're just wonderful.

Tell the gray princess she better be careful who she's snubbing. She may need you to feed her sometime.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with LM!!! He could save himself from all that pain by going to the doctor!! They have MEDICINE FOR THAT FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!! It can greatly reduce his discomfort! MEN!! they are impossible!!! I love the photo of Ms G peeking throu the Jade tree. It's so cute! ...debbie

Cat Lady of Parkdale said...

If you can believe it I actually had shingles a few years ago. Easily treated but sooo painful! I hope he will consent to go to the doc. Ms G looks soooo beautiful through the jade tree! what a lush coat!