Friday, November 5, 2010

Haunch Feathers, etc.

I'm off to dog sit for the weekend at my boss's house, so lest I become labeled a dog person, I have to leave you with some funny pictures taken by LM last week. In his bedroom, there is a corner of oddly deep shelves built-in to the wall. Until recently, they were crammed with so much stuff that it was impossible to squeeze in a cute little gray furry body, but a certain woman who visits each weekend did some cleaning out and now there are a few open spaces just needing to be made in to cat nap locations. Hence these photos of Ms G making a spot for herself from which to spy on LM......the big turn around always precedes a nap.

Ahhhhhh, she really likes this pile of freshly folded t-shirts. Looks uncomfortable to me but it must be that they belong to her beloved, aka MY beloved, oh dear furry little girl.
and, we have some other funny cat behavior to report on here, as "godson," Jaxson, checking out the base for a lovely rug his Mom will hook as a wedding gift for her niece. It will be made in a log cabin pattern to match a quilt. One talented Mom you have, Jaxson. Now that a thorough inspection has been done, she can proceed.
The family felines are insisting on being represented here so may I present, Anne's Bella (L) and Theo as they helped David reconstruct the master bathroom recently. David swears that the project could never have been completed without their help. They were very attentive supervisors.Last but not least, this picture of Theo is at once so sweet and funny! Those haunches of his are just amazing. Very interesting cat.....he has himself parked on the kitchen counter looking his cutest. In the background is the pantry door where I do believe the treats are kept! Those haunch feathers leave me speechless....wish I could reach out to pat them.
Well, time to go to work, then to the dogs....I'll get some photos. We have company joining us there for lunch tomorrow...LM made chili. YUM.


Anonymous said...

Had to chuckle at all these cute little feline's making themselves comfy!! Must run in the family! I can see Ms G now, circling around to find just the right spot! And that Theo!! What a riot! Those hairs sprouting out like that! lol lol - gives him a silly look and I'd like to pat them too! silly thing! ...debbie

Linda said...

Love the kitty pictures. Have a good time with the dogs.