Monday, November 1, 2010

Canada Part 7...Last Day - Niagara Falls

The last day in Waterloo, we woke to lovely sunshine, enjoyed one last delicious breakfast and visit with our Hillcrest House Hosts, and then set out about 8:45 am for Niagara Falls. We arrived there about 11 am.
We parked in the lot you can see on the left, donned all our winter clothes and walked toward the bridge across the road to the visitors center. So much commercialism, way over the top.....everything is nicely cared for, though and the plantings were beautiful everywhere.
This was the right hand view. As we walked the air was filled with very heavy mist from the falls.
Looking directly up to the left was a wall of motels. There is a tram leading up from behind the visitors center. It is like Vegas now that casinos are present.The American Falls
From the Canadian observation area, we stood right next to the point where the falls drop off the edge. The roar was so loud and the power awesome.

Our self portrait
The far side of the Canadian Falls
Looking down at the Maid of the Mist boat. The Rainbow Bridge to the US is in the background.
Well, that is about it.....we left the Falls and after clearing Buffalo, we drove on secondary roads back to Seneca Falls and stayed the night before heading home the next day. As always, it is so nice to be home, but we continue to dream of being back on the road again.
Thanks, everyone, for coming along, and all your nice comments!


Anonymous said...

Your photos were super douper! I had no idea there were 2 falls!!! That really surprised me!! Is there an Island inbetween?? Must be. The one where you were standing to the right of the falls gave me the willies. Too close. I hear the tremendous noise...feel the spray....creepy...I'm glad I'm sittin' here where it's safe! lol Am so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Now it's back to the old grind. But, that really isn't so bad. Bet Ms G was glad to see you both. Did she ignore you or come running?? lol...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Her royal highness gave me the snub but guess who got a very sweet greeting. I sat around waiting for some love but it never happened until the following week. We re now back to her usual antics. She spends the longest time gazing into LM's eyes. it is so funny and sometimes very unnerving. I like to tell him that she is outfitted with a camera to monitor his every move. Freaks him out! LOL

Linda said...

Thanks for the trip. I enjoyed every moment of it.

judemiller1 said...

I love Niagara Falls--the last time I was there, we went in the elevator down to walk out under the falls and I even got to ride the Maid Of The Mist--that I had been scared to ride the previous 8 times I was there. Didn't go near a Casino nor any tourist traps--just stayed in a motal overlooking the falls and enjoyed hearing their roar all night long. Almost as good as the ocean--almost. Thanks for taking me along on your trip--I had a great time.

One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you again - for allowing One
Woman to travel with you :)