Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Visit Back to Sandwich

Seeing I had some errands to do in Sandwich, the oldest town on Cape Cod, and my home town of 28 years, Saturday was a perfect time to meet up with Teddy and his daddy, my youngest, Jason. I picked up LM's daughter, Kristi, on the way so that she could have a day out. She was so happy to be with us and get to some places she infrequently visits.
Teddy says, forgive the hathead.....he had such a great time looking around at all the other little ones having lunch with their families.
Our next stop was Crow Farm. I do believe it may be one of the oldest family-owned working farms in the state. I used to live on property abutting this beautiful place and did find myself in deep nostalgia all day. Teddy turning to watch Kristi as she picks out some white Cape turnip and brussels sprouts. The scent of the holidays filled the farm stand as they were serving cider and making Christmas wreaths that day.
Teddy helps his Nana by choosing the squash I should buy. A head of that fresh cauliflower made it in to my shopping basket, as well.
All our purchases bundled up and stowed away in the car, we drove a short distance to Sandwich Village and parked so we could walk in the lovely day and Jason and I could savor a few memories of where we lived long ago.
This beautiful old church is now a B & B and a very upscale restaurant, The Belfrey Inne & Bistro. The buildings to the right and left are also part of the Inne complex, all lovingly restored and re-purposed.
Sandwich is famous for its beautiful glass made here in the 1800's. This was the home of the founder of the Sandwich Glass Works, Deming Jarves. The grounds are resplendent with an amazing collection of trees and Dexter rhododendrons. Jason and I were very fortunate to live adjacent to this lovely place for quite a few years.
The front walkway, and some azaleas, leaves turned to their Fall color, still blooming!
We found this busy bumblebee on the walkway post.
This is the building in which we lived from 1986-1992 or so. The first floor housed a chiropractic office where I worked in those days. The building is quite historic and the apartment where we lived on the second floor was formerly a dance hall. The first floor had historically been a department store. There were beautiful high ceilings and large windows & rooms. Loved it there. Today it is a wine store and they serve a little food, as well.
Looking up at the architectural details.
Next to the building were 3-4 huge dawn redwoods and I so enjoyed their beauty in all seasons. They shaded us in summer and the glowing red bark lit our winter views from the kitchen and living room.
The garden had many types of holly.
On the other side of our building was an antique store called the Brown Jug, famous for selling rare Sandwich Glass items. It retains the same name but is now an upscale food emporium, owned by the Wine Store. I've always loved this curved window.
Next building is an old apothecary, now a home decor store - The Spotted Cod.

Roses still blooming at the Dan'l Webster Inn.
At about this point, Teddy's little legs needed a break so we turned back. This is another very old converted church. Not sure of its current use but it was a function facility and had some lodging. Truly a spectacular renovation. When I lived nearby this building housed a doll museum and was sadly in need of some loving care.
That's about it for our little tour. Jason and Teddy left for home and Kristi and I continued poking through a few of the village shops, and had a nice time chatting as I took her home.
It really was a lovely day!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I will be very busy the next few days. We will be spending Thursday with my brother, Sam and family.


Cat Lady of Parkdale said...

Nice rosy cheeks Teddy!!

judemiller1 said...

My mother always wanted to visit Sandwich, as she had a Sandwich glass creamer and sugar bowl. She never got off that damn farm, but 2 months after she died, I visited Sandwich and bought a small Sandwich glass pitcher, which sits on my shelf with her creamer and sugar bowl.

Linda said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for the lovely tour. I love those.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, how I miss Sandwich! I dream of the day I'll return ♥

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!! :)

One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour.
You live in such a delightful place.
I crashed this morning - after a week of nonstop activities !

Retired English Teacher said...

I love Sandwich. I hope to send a week there sometime. My son lives in Braintree, so my dream to visit Sandwich for an extended period of time may not be too unreasonable.