Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello.....pretty dark, dreary and rainy this morning in this corner.....oh, well, it is still a beautiful place to be.
The last few days have been a flurry of angst, urging and concern for LM. He was getting sicker by the minute and refusing, steadfastly, to see his doctor. Finally, Sunday, I forced his hand by telling his children. Once they got involved, he listened....almost. It took his daughter calling the doctor's office yesterday morning, to get him to make an appointment. He was seen at 3 yesterday and told that he does have an advanced case of the shingles, AND, if he'd come in 10 days ago he could have had the anti-viral med, BUT....we all know how that went. It is so hard sorting out when to be forceful on another's behalf, or to let said love-one have freedom of choice. It got to the point where watching him clutch himself in pain, face grayish pale, and not able to sleep for a week, got to be more than I could bear.
Now, there is some slight improvement, but the butterflies are still circling in my body and soul, as well as that of his daughter, and we are just hoping that our dear LM will take better care of himself. Last night he slept and tonight he is teaching.
We are still in the midst of a northeast storm and the wind and rain are going to persist for another 24 hours. I'll be relieved when the weekend brings us sunshine, and LM and I are together for some mutual healing and cuddling with Ms G.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with a neurologist to discuss the recent attack of trigeminal neuralgia. right now I only have occasional shots of the pain, but I am interested is discussing the future and what I might do to deter another bout. I'll get back here about any light shed on TN.

From the just have to feel better somehow department, we have a "job lot" type store here that has a lot of junk, but once in a while they have leader items that are fantastic. When I read in their flyer that they had the cashmere socks again this year, I was there in a flash after work today. Two years ago I bought 3 pair, this year I got 5. They wear like iron, are warmer than the very thick socks and are perfect for work under dressy boots and clogs. Happy feet for the winter!


judemiller1 said...

Fred and I play the game of when to see a doctor. I have found for him anyway--the sooner the better. I am like LM and would just keep putting stuff on the rash thinking it would go away. I know there is a vaccine to take to prevent shingles, didn't know there was an anti-viral for it. Thanks for the info. Hope LM feels better soon, but Shingles are a nasty disease to get rid of.

Linda said...

I've never understood people who go through so much pain rather than go to the Dr. for help. Shingles are so painful. I'd been setting on the Dr.'s door step first thing. LM has put himself in danger and endured an enomous amount of pain that perhaps could have been prevented. My sympathy goes to you, not LM. Hope you can get some good rest this week-end.

Anonymous said...

Am very, very glad to hear he went to the Doctors, even if it's too late for the medicine, but there is still meds to help. Maybe next time he'll boot scoot to the Dr's earlier! ( ya think?? Lol) I'll have to be on the look out for your cashmere socks. Sounds soft and warm to me! My feet get cold easy. Today was a beautiful 71 degrees!!! are ya envious?? tee hee...debbie

Buttercup said...

Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. Please come and visit often. Hopes for a good recovery for LM.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Both you and Lou are in my prayers ♥