Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall is Leaving

The sun has just about set on Fall here. We still have some lingering foliage in brilliant burgundies and yellows, and even this morning the sun lit a tree outside my bedroom window and the color was sheer pink - so happy I took the time to glance out and ponder the beauty of our first frost and the beautiful sunrise.
It does seem that I am particularly introspective right now; in slow motion; yet fully functional. Strange place but it is OK. I think my body and psyche are recovering from a lot of recent highs, and adjusting beforehand to the time change coming this week. Plan is to just sit within this feeling, and see what is revealed. Living with 4 distinct seasons seems to be another form of exercise, at least for one's spirit, and that can only be healthy.

LM is not feeling well - he claims it is shingles - and my pleas to see his physician have so far gone unheeded. He had a very painful night last night and promised he would make an appointment today. We shall see. Perhaps his body is reacting in a different way.

Meanwhile, he was busy in the kitchen yesterday morning when he snapped this photo of Ms G spying at him through a very large jade plant which sits on a table by the back door. She is such a character! We brought the plant in just in time last week, as we've now had a heavy frost.
Love this girl!


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Fall is just about peak on Long Island right now... I always feel November is the most beautiful year since it entwines autumn and winter together :)

Hope Lou feels better; Ms G looks adorable! ♥

Anne said...

I just love that face!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a darling photo! lol I hope Lou goes to the doctor! There is medicine to help that, esp. when caught early! I woke up to a light rain this morning. It was to turn to snow, but I think it's too warm. It's 41. Have a great day my friend. ...debbie