Saturday, August 9, 2008

Survival of the Socialite and Farmers Market Loot

Another party has come and gone with the requisite angst and the usual good time meeting new people and experiencing a new and amazingly beautiful place, all for a wonderful cause. This time the event was held on the waterfront in Osterville at a yacht club and was the 15th annual Joe Cronin Fishing Tournament banquet/auction to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The amount of money raised was heart warming and the new friends were just so welcoming and fun to be with. LM had been out on the boat all day and was looking very happy and handsome, and dressed for the party when I arrived to attend the evening events. He was invited to be part of this event because one of the boat owners had attended his last "Learn to Fish" class and was most impressed. They did not win the tournament but a great time was had by all and the day was picture perfect. The above photo is, unfortunately, the only one I was able to get at the party. This HUGE flagpole towered above the venue. The sky was very dramatic and soon after this photo, began to darken and there were bolts of lightning dancing around throughout the evening but no storm in our area. I did meet some business contacts and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Why do I waste time worrying? LM is a dream to be with in social situations and is very solicitous of my needs, comfort, etc and frequently reaches out to touch me and give me loving He is a great date!
Anyway, enough of the mush....after the party he had to to pick up his son and get him home and I came home and fell asleep very quickly knowing I wanted to be at the farmers mkt to beat the crowds. It is HIGH summer here and the Cape is about to sink into the sea under the weight of the hordes of visitors and the market was no exception this morning. I waited 20 minutes in line to buy from the Cape Cod Organics farm, but there was a lovely woman in line with me and we enjoyed conversation about other markets and other subjects. I ended up giving her some of the extra bags I had brought along, and later, as I was buying herbs, she found me and gave me a lovely bunch of fennel as a thank you. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted one of the little fennel buds and my new friend told me how they offer those at the end of a meal in Indian restaurants. It was a delightfully perfect taste of anise/licorice and left a very pleasant feeling in my mouth, much as our little encounter left in my heart.
I was able to get corn, potatoes, purple baby carrots and tomatoes from Cape Cod Organics, and the other items are from various small farms who have tables....shallots, an onion, parsley, summer squash and several peaches and a nectarine from Harvard, MA, blueberries from Blandford, MA, and some sister surprises from my favorite lavender lady who also sells the most beautiful bouquets, too (I will try to take photos of her next week...too crowded today).
There is a delightful man who sells herbs at the market with the able assistance of his two sweet little girls. The mint and the fennel (upper left) are from his table.
It was a really fun morning and I have come home and prepared some things for a dinner I wil make later to share with LM. I've been wanting to make the ricotta stuffed roasted tomatoes which Ree (Pioneer Woman) featured on her cooking blog several weeks ago and they are now awaiting the oven and look so good.
I think I will have a nap now, after all the partying I am exhausted...LOL....and I must be rested when my love arrives. After dinner we will walk through the teeming village and pretend we are tourists. We will end and begin at the ocean...feeding our souls after feeding our bodies. A perfect day.

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