Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stopping By

This is the LOOK, the LOOK which commands my every move when I am at home and right now the look says, "I want treats and YOU are on that #%&* laptop. Not bad enough I am waiting for treats but you did not come home right after work, you did not give me lap time, and where are you hiding LM?".....I'm in big trouble so this post will have to be brief. Seeing that I am going to Seattle next week for 8 days, I feel compelled to give in to Ms G's whims right now. I really do want to go away with a fairly clean cat mom conscience.

Yes, the sisters' reunion is close now. Next Tues evening, August 19th, we will all be together and it is going to be fantastic. El, our hostess, called this evening and we talked a lot about what we will do. She has several nice tours on a "Duck Tour" of Seattle and another is a boat cruise on Puget Sound. Those work out well because we can all participate. Margaret and El both have MS and cannot do lots of walking but we wanted to be able to do as much as possible together. The first morning we are there will fulfill a dream for me....all together we can visit the University Farmers Market in Seattle. I have longed for years to see it and will be sure to take lots of photos to share here. Other than that we will spend lots of time on Eleanor's porch gazing at Mt. Rainier and walking along the beach in her neighborhood with my nephews. We are all dreaming of making some nice meals together and having some real salmon, Dungeness and King crab. Yes. we do love good food and I am sure it will be a feast.....a feast of love and gratitude at being together.
Meanwhile, I am still preparing for the journey...the weekend with LM lies ahead and we will celebrate his daughter, Meaghan's 24th birthday on Sunday, and eke out some quality alone time for us as we will be apart for a long time. Both of us feel apprehension and keep assuring the other of the daily contact we will have. Ah, love. Sweet.

Now, the LOOK is getting more and more indignant so I must report for duty....which right now will consist of providing freshly drawn water for Ms G, getting into bed, serving her her evening portion of Whiska Lickens and then allow her to get under the covers with lots of patting all the while.....tough duty being a good cat mom but someone has to do it here!

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