Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Smiling Samantha, The Whapper and a Baby Bird Sighting

Last night I had dinner with my daughter, Sara and granddaughter, Samantha. Samantha is so good natured and smiley. We had a great time and if you look closely you can see her cute little radar antennae or, as LM calls them, palm trees , in her hair...I am so very proud of the wonderful mother Sara has become. She has had many, many challenges in her life and is working so hard to climb out of the bad places some of those challenges have taken her to.
Sunday afternoon LM and I were chatting in the TV/guest room and Ms G was most anxious to get into the middle of what we were doing.....when she wants our attention, particularly that of her adored LM, she does all sorts of rolling around gyrations and reaching out with her paws to "whap", thus she has become our "whapper".....she has no claws so this is a safe little game. LM was reaching out to pat her and here she is poised in pre-whap position. It is a very funny interaction and Ms. G will often keep going until she can bite the hand she's been whapping so we having to watch her tail to tell when enough is enough.

Ah, fun and games Ms G style!! I love it when life is that simple....

On to other news, the baby bird of last Friday night has reappeared two days in a row. I cannot get in position to get a photo, but our baby is right now outside the window on a branch and "mummy" cardinal is feeding him. He is fluffing out and it is a very happy sight.

The social whirl continues, just when I thought things were dying down. LM has been invited to participate in the Joe Cronin Fishing Tournament this Friday out of Osterville. He will be a guide on a boat which will be one of almost 100 boats to participate, each with 4 celebrities on board. In the evening there will be a lavish gala which I will attend. I hear it is a wonderful event and a very successful fund raiser for the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston. Joe Cronin was a much loved player for the Boston Red Sox and former president of the American Baseball League. Stay tuned for my story of surviving another social event!

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Beverly said...

I had to go back and see is Samatha was the same baby from last year when your daughter got sick. Man, she is growing to much. Is she about one and a half? Everyone looks so good.