Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday Part 3 - Little Gifts

After a delightful party evening, and not one bit of anxiety, YEAH, we returned home a bit later than usual for me, and this non-drinking woman, was weaving a bit after 1.5 glasses of delicious red wine. As I reached for the iron railing to go up the two little steps to my house, my hand touched something soft and when I looked down, this is what I saw (sans the hand at first, of course):
This tiny baby bird was perched on the railing under a bit of cedar branch.
We were totally fascinated to be this close to a sweet little baby. We could hardly resist a little pat as is evidenced by my dear man's actions above. We quickly got the photo and left our new little friend to perch in peace. When checked a while later the bird appeared to be sound asleep. Of course, we could not get this sweet little thing off our minds and I was up several times in the night to check....finally at 5 am the baby was gone....hopefully he awoke refreshed and began flying. My house is surrounded by dense vegetation, mainly privet hedge, cedars and holly trees, as well as some azaleas and hydrangeas, and the whole area has been very noisy of late with the sound of baby birds. We have been observing one nest full of cardinal babies. This was most likely a fledgling from one of those nests. We derive so much from the observance of nature and this was such a lovely almost ending to my birthday.....LM presented me with not one, but three great cards, a "sweet" gift and a two year subscription to Vanity Fair which we enjoy reading together....I really do still love the feeling of media in my hand, whether it be a book, newspaper or magazine.
The day ended perfectly as LM and I fell asleep embraced. Heaven.
Ms G on the other hand was busy eating the flowers I brought home from the office!!! Life is good for us all....on to more celebrations today and tomorrow....with Dad today and with some surprise dinner hosted by LM and Bob tomorrow. WOW!


Beverly said...

Sounds like you have been having a grand birthday.

That house is unreal...

Ernestine said...

You have had a dream birthday celebration.

Karina said...

Happy Birthday! And the sweet little bird- aw. Lovely. xox