Tuesday, August 12, 2008


One year ago tonight, LM and I went on our very first real date. We had known each other for many years but there had never been even a hint of interest beyond friendship, although we both now openly admit to the tremendous attraction we felt through the years!

It has been a happy day of sweet reminiscing and reflecting on the many things we love about this wonderful relationship which continues to grow with us. We have indeed been challenged with health and emotional issues but our love and LM's attitude have seen us through it all just fine!

I am so very, very grateful in so many ways and my faith in love has been restored, I have learned what a true loving touch is and that is my favorite gift I have received in this year. Among others are openness, and honesty, attention to detail and the deep friendship we share.

Off to bed for me with all the memories waiting to dance in my dreams.

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Karina said...

Happy Anniversary! Warm wishes to you- from the New Mexico desert. Raising a glass to your blooming love. xox