Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Sunshiny Sunday

Quickly I will catch up with what has been happening. Not much by the standards of most, but for me, it is life at its best. Today we went to see LM's daughter, Meaghan and celebrate her 24th birthday. We picked up Kristi to bring her along. Unfortunately, Meaghan is not feeling well at all so we just had a brief visit. It was a lovely ride over to West Falmouth on this most beautiful of Cape Cod Days with cool clear air and soft breezes.

Meaghan with the special Tweety Bird birthday card found by her loving Dad, LM (Kristi in the background)Meaghan and her dear cat, Kitty! What a purr machine. A very sweet little cat.
Meaghan ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with her birthday gift of an Audrey Hepburn clutch. She had one several years back and it was stolen and she never thought we could find another, but we did! Last May we were perusing shops in Provincetown and found this treasure and I had it saved for this very day and the smile and surprise was so worth it even though Meggie was feeling really sick today.

I am very very busily preparing for my trip to Seattle. Tonight I will do the remainder of preparation. LM and I just said a very long good-bye while listening to our favorite music channel on XM Radio....the music of the 40's and 50's. So wonderful and dreamy. Very hard saying good-bye these days knowing we will be separated for 8 days come Tuesday morning.
Hugs seem extra tight and long right now.

Yesterday we were supposed to do a car trip to Rhode Island for the Hyannis Nissan dealer but after getting up very early and getting ourselves in to town, the trip was cancelled. LM may do it tomorrow. Oh well, it got the day off to an early start and I was able to do some shopping errands in Hyannis on the sales tax amnesty day, while LM went home and attended to some of his to-do list items.
Ysterday afternoon LM and I joined a very full movie theater audience and thoroughly enjoyed the new release "Vicky Christina Barcelona. A very romantic and erotic comedy set in Spain and starring Javier Bardem, Rebecca Hall (British), Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannsen and several other lovely to look at people. It is Woody Allen's latest and I think the best! We both loved it and were still talking about the resulting "vibe" today.
The sisters' reunion is now less than 48 hours away and I am feeling the excitement build and a twinge of nervousness about flight arrangements, etc. I am sure it will go fine. Saying good-by to LM will be agonizing....ahhhh, sweet agony, as I know I will come back to his incredibly loving arms.
On to the rest of my packing.....

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Lorene said...

I can't wait to hear about the reunion! Give my best to all :-)


PS so great to see the photos of all and your dad looks so amazing.

I hope to see A & J at the Heritage Museum corvette day (if it hasn't passed) and of course you and LM!!!