Saturday, August 2, 2008

B-Day Part 2

What a great was supposed to be foggy and dark and the sun shone beautifully....I got to work to find this lovely array of flowers and you can see we have a cat theme going here....they know me way too well. The basket of flowers is from the company principals and had a lovely note attached .

The collection and the wishes grew as the day went on, and my darling, LM sent me sweet e-mails with great graphics all day long!
The evening would be the party at Hydrangea Walk and the usual social dread stayed mainly in check as many co-workers and friends would be there, as well as LM by my side.
Taken before the restored original shutters were re-installed, this is where we attended the party:

Approaching the back terrace and in the distance

The front last night....too dark.....
Party scene....back terrace...very lovely!

Side terrace with pathway leading to the spa
The spa area with beautiful sunset viewing wall and all new trees and amazing transformation.
LM and electrical contractor, Roger discuss the installation of the spa....all trees in the back are newly planted for owners privacy.
Now, this is where I could live very nicely, thank you....bathroom and adjacent dressing room/master bedroom walk-in closet, are bigger than my house! Loved the rubber ducky! In the view is the rear garden with the old hydrangeas from the front, reborn.
The rear garden, once again showing the old hydrangeas. This is the view from the terrace at sunset. There is a lovely pond beyond the garden.
We had a grand tour of the inside and decided we really loved the lived in and not too fussy design and decor. They have some lovely colorful art from Antiqua with which they have matched some art glass in primary colors. Very, very nice!

The party continued......I had some red wine....and LM and I were so so happy. After stopping by Bob's for LM's overnight things, we returned home to a little surprise.

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