Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am I a Socialite Yet?

I'm on my third party of the summer and I haven't died of social anxiety yet, imagine that? For all the angst that leads up to every one of these events - and the summer of social is not nearly over - I should be well on my way to being institutionalized for all the torture I put myself through. The rub is, I get there and have a perfectly acceptable time, carrying on lovely conversation with people I like and enjoying a few bites here and there. Tonight I even presided over handing out chits for drinks and greeting all the arrivals. GRRRRR...why I work myself up into a frenzy (not visible to another living soul) is beyond me. Anyway, tonight's soiree was the retirement party for one of my dear bosses and it was a huge success. There were eloquent speeches, the presentation of some funny and poignant gifts, a few tears and happy testimonials to the wonderful person who helped to found the company.

From the party I was on to the home of my son's best friends, John and Monica, who are getting married in two weeks. They have been given a gift of a honeymoon in SW Ireland and I offered to help them map out the driving itinerary, as I did that trip a few years back. It is a magical beautiful place and I am sure it will be the trip of a lifetime for the newlyweds.

Time to get myself to bed.....need to rest up for the next day of angst as I prepare to attend another gala on Friday evening, which is my 65th birthday, and NOT my idea of a celebration. This party will honor the employees of my company who worked on renovations, restoration and additions to the most famous house in Chatham, Hydrangea Walk. LM will attend this party with me and that creates even more angst....just imagine I could make a fool of myself IN FRONT of HIM...the very thought!!! All sorts of things could in my teeth, my outfit is all wrong, my hair is bad, I will talk in gibberish for all to hear, etc....the whole nine yards of self-doubt. Seriously, I love the owners of this house and it is so beautiful that I am looking forward to seeing it filled with people and the interior decoration complete. My true birthday celebration will wait until Sun when Bob and LM have cooked up some plan. Saturday I will spend with Dad as LM is taking his class on a fishing field trip to the National Seashore outer beaches. He really needs to he drove to PA, tomorrow he goes to NH and Monday he drove to NJ. Way too much in my book but he seems to love it.

Ms G is nagging me to go to bed.......
One very tired, obedient cat mom, and terribly inept socialite signing off here.....I will try for some pix at the party on Friday.


Anne said...

Beware the lettuce and you should be fine. Advice from you four legged grandchild Theo.

Ernestine said...

Enjoy your social time and a early Happy Birthday.
Blessings to you.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy your weekend and stop putting pressure on yourself.


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday!!!