Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Blues are Back

It is with great sadness, shock and loss that I heard last night of the passing of one of my favorite bloggers, Sher, of What Did you Eat. She died very suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday. Sher's blog was a constant source of joy, inspiration, and humor, from her delicious meals, beautifully photographed, her work as a wildlife rehabilitator with baby squirrels, and her delightfully hilarious way of writing about the world through the voice of her beloved cats. When she lost two of her dear feline friends, Upsie and Pumpkin, the blog world, cried with Sher. I sobbed at my desk at work....good thing my closest co-worker shared a love for those wonderful cats and their take on life at the hands of humans! Sher took us to her garden so we could enjoy the fruits of her labors.

Best of all was the friendship which Sher offered so freely with frequent comments on the blogs of other, as well as answers to comments posted on her blog. Truly, she was a very dear friend to so many she had never met in person, but with whom she transcended into the deepest relationships by way of her computer. Several of her close friends have beautiful tributes and further details of Sher's life on their blogs: her very close friend, Glenna at A Fridge Full of Food and Kalyn at Kalyns Kitchen
There will be tributes and memorials to Sher on Weekend Cat Blogging this week, as well. She leaves behind her husband, Bob, a brother and her beloved MIL, Bunty, as well as her sweet kitten Laura and I am certain many baby squirrels.

The depth of feeling this event has generated is truly amazing. I for one, cannot get it out of my mind, and have Sher's family in my thoughts continuously. What a huge loss they have to absorb. May they be comforted by the love and honor for Sher which is repeatedly circling the globe today via cyberspace.
It is well worth it to explore her blog from the link provided above. There are many many wonderful recipes and stories, as well as photos.


Beverly said...

I just read the last two posts and I thought, my some much has happened. Very sorry for your loss and everyone else in the blogosphere in the loss of a dear friend.
Very nice weekend you had. I wish I could put my activities of my days down in words as well as you. I find that I open up more freely in my comments on others blogs than I ever do on my blog. with the exception of the ones of my parents.
Hope the blues stay away. However, I love the blues at the top of the page...

Ernestine said...

Your pictures are wonderful.
Stay in good spirits.
The area you live in and just thinking of the ocean and seafood makes me feel good after a long tiring day.
Thank you for the thoughtful comments on my beginning blog.
Good evening and night wishes and sweet dreams are being sent your way.