Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chasing the Blues

This is one of the most iconic houses in Chatham...Hydrangea Walk...It has recently been completely renovated and the beautiful Hydrangeas which have lined the front walk forever were replaced with new hardier, and more weather and disease resistant varieties. The hydrangeas which were removed from the front were used in the beautiful new back gardens. The house looks directly out to the Atlantic with North Beach island in the foreground. The house is not quite finished but my company is very proud that we were chosen to do the work on this beautiful Chatham icon. I wish I had photos of the back gardens and terraces.....those will be forthcoming as there will be a big party there on August 1st!
Just across a small lane from this house below is a lovely little beach called Oyster Pond, a saltwater area, perfect for children, at the head of Oyster River that flows in from Nantucket Sound on the SW side of Chatham. Last night, in an effort to chase my blues, I drove the 1 mile and parked at the beach and began my walk through town to find some of the "other" blues which beautifully dress Cape Cod in July: Hydrangeas....they are just amazing and thrive in the salt air and moisture. From a distance they seem all blue, but when viewed close-up, they are a myriad of, green, cream, purple.
Huge stands of these lovelies are everywhere right now, as well.
I come back to this little neighborhood often and a previous post featured roses and "the Rose Cottage" in this same spot.....roses are fading now and I am awaiting the next "show at "Rose Cottage"....the hollyhocks, which will bloom in early August.

The walk was lovely, the village teaming with visitors and locals alike, as Friday night is Band Concert night. It's all very festive with families pulling their wagons of chairs and blankets, along with coolers and babies, to set up their spot and enjoy the Chatham Town Band performance, a mainstay of summer on Cape Cod. The shops are all open very late as business is brisk after the concert.

With several calls from dear friends and some chatting with LM as he drove back from a Philadelphia trip, my evening was calm and sleep came easily. Waiting this morning to hear that LM is back safely and having some rest before we see each other later. Meanwhile, this morning should be cleaning and going to the Farmers' Mkt but I'm lounging instead....oh well, I can give myself permission!
Later today we will visit my son's home in Sagamore Beach to check on their cat, as J & A are away camping in CT this weekend. They live near the Cape Cod Canal and we plan to walk there in the early evening. More restoration of the body and mind is at hand. If he is true to form, LM will walk along the canal with his fishing rod in hand to chase blues of a different kind....bluefish. They are very prevalent right now. Not such good eating, in my book anyway, but fun to catch and release.

Happy weekend and I wish I could bring everyone on a walk with me here to "Chase the Blues".

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Beverly said...

I love hydrangeas!!! Especially blue ones....As I was reading this, I thought, hey, I should come for a visit...just kidding, but it would be nice. You could find a cheap, no, inexpensive place for me to stay.
Don't worry, it will be in our next lifetime...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.