Friday, July 18, 2008

Theo Update

Theo has a new cast and he is lookin' pretty spiffy, even if there might be a bit of a Russian influence. I understand Theo's "staff" have been decorating the cast even further since it was applied earlier this week. Three more weeks and he will be free of encumberance, to continue his pillaging and plundering and being a general nuisance to the other felines and humans on his staff.

It's Friday morning and despite the oppressive heat and humidity everyone is in a happy mood at work, including me. LM and I have been postponing our movie date for 3 nights and tonight is finally deemed "the" night. He has been called to work so much which is a good must roll with the punches when involved with a delightful man who moves cars for a living!

The weekend will be full with a trip to see Dad tomorrow, doing something with Kristi on Saturday night, and time for us during the day Sunday before we attend a lavish cocktail party on the lawn at the home of one of my company's clients here in Chatham. She has actually become a very nice friend to me and I enjoy her company for dinner when she is in town. Her party is an annual event and very lovely. In the next few weeks I have a lot more parties to attend and it is not my favorite thing to do as I have social anxiety. Even though it may appear that I am handling it all very well, I am always in knots inside and try to take my leave as soon as graciously possible, heaving a huge sigh of relieve as I do so. I have no idea why as most of the people are those I know and enjoy. Go figure.....

Anyway, wishing everyone a nice weekend. Ms. G is laying low....flattened out on the bed most of the day and today she gets to cool her tummy well because I had to breakdown and turn on the AC!

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