Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cymbalta Adventure

Took the first 30 mg Cymbalta before bedtime last night and within a few hours I was hallucinating....black and white cows in the bedroom.....struggling to get them out.....LM had brought them in and they each had nice bright pink leads on them but somehow I could not catch them to get them back outside. No, I am not crazy, I just had a major drug reaction which kept me home in bed most of the day. I am starting to feel the clouds lift now.
At six this morning I was determined to take a shower and go to work but soon found I could not even stand in the shower due to shaking and weakness, my head, particularly my forehead and my neck were numb, throwing up ensued and then profuse sweating like I have never known. I was quickly back in bed, my body shaking so that the bed was moving.....that all lasted about 6 hours. Now this evening I am left with slight numbness on one side of my head and a lethargic headachy feeling. Dr. says I will be fine by morning and we will wait a bit and then arrange for me to talk to a prescribing psychiatrist to better assess the correct med for me.

Meanwhile it was a lovely day with clear dry air and it felt good to sleep some and blot out how I feel.

Talked with daughter, Anne, at length tonight and it was wonderful to hear about their trip to their house on Eleuthera and to hear the latest on my grandsons and Mr. Theo....who had to go back to the vet today for another cast as he loosened the first one. He's a wild man.

Thank you everyone for the kind and supportive e-mails. They all contain messages which are getting me over this time which I am coming to realize and accept as a life process....perhaps some delayed grief, perhaps just facing some facts. I am sure I have mentioned before that my grandfather's last words to me were,"Don't fight life, dear"...time I listened to his advice and turn my energy to true appreciaton and gratitude for all I do have.

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