Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Gentleness of Simplicity

The weekend is about over, LM is home, and I am musing about how lovely it felt to have a very low key, simple weekend. Yesterday there was so much for LM to do and he also needed rest after not arriving home from his Philadelphia trip until 4 am. I decided to just stay at home, plan a nice meal for the evening, do a little housework, and just watch a few movies.
After a little early dinner, we drove over to my son's house to check on his cat and took ourselves to the Cape Cod Canal service road and had a lovely walk enjoying the early evening light, chatting with fishermen, and just delighting in each other. All the angst which had been plaguing me during the week seemed to ebb and we both felt a gentle tiredness and could not wait to get home to drift off to sleep within touch of each other. We slept very late this morning until dear Ms. G decided enough was enough and began giving us gentle taps on our faces and hands.

Today was easy.....a leisurely breakfast, a visit with Bob and look see at the garden at LM's house and then an early dinner of wonderful local fish. All very simple, and LM and I just had the easiest and most loving interactions.....balm for us both.
Even the air of the entire weekend has been just perfect summer air....not humid, nice gentle breezes and so comfortable. The privet hedge is blooming outside my windows and filling the house with its delightful scent.

Tomorrow I see my Doctor to discuss treatment for mild depression and anxiety. I am not sure what to say. It is just like having perfect hair on the day you are scheduled to have it cut!! I do need to address my emotional state, though, as it has been a roller coaster ride lately and feels dangerous at times. Weekends like this make me happy to be alive again and restore my appreciation for all I have.

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