Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Perfect Peace

The Dock to Peace

The view from the bench

The sky and its reflection in the water

It is not often these days when one can find a place where peace can be sustained for any length of time, except in your heart if you allow it!
On the way back from Florida in January, LM and I stopped to visit a lifelong friend of his in Wilmington, NC. From their lovely home along the Cape Fear River, we were able to walk to the dock in less than a minute. It was very still and the warm air felt soft and embracing as we stopped to lean over the railing and enjoy the reflection of the sky and clouds in the water. As our eyes adjusted beneath the reflection on the surface, we could see all sorts of fascinating movement on the ocean floor. The tide was falling and oyster beds were emerging, creating interesting swirls and eddies. We made our way to the bench and sat for at least an hour, savoring every moment of the peace which had overtaken our spirits. Holding hands, sun on our faces, rarely uttering a word, we gazed out toward Cape Fear and the tip of the Outer Banks, but kept coming back to what was happening right in front of us as the tide continued to drop and more of the oyster beds and other sea life were revealed. Our focus was able to stay fully on what was happening right there.....we savored every tiny movement, every scent, birdsong and rustle of the marsh grasses. It was very intense communion with nature, peace and our love.
We still talk about that special morning and remember it as one of our favorite moments on the trip.
Back to today....I had to go to an appointment in Hyannis this morning so LM asked if we could meet somewhere on my way back. For 10 minutes on this most beautiful sunny, warm Spring day, we sat amidst the chaos of a busy parking lot, sun on our faces, holding hands and felt the same peace we had in NC, soon I was back to work feeling as though I was floating on a cloud. It didn't even matter when my boss asked me to stay late to do some extra work.


Jes said...

LOVELY~LOVELY post my dear!!!

Happy weekend!! weeeeeeee......

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful post....thank you! I enjoyed every word as I pictured the setting as you described it-a feast for your eyes-and mine! I think that the most special moments in love and peace that I've shared have been the silent ones-sharing the setting, taking it in and feeling the peace that it brings. I love that you spent your 10 min's together in the middle of your busy day. It just doesn't get any better than that, does it? Peace to you. Ann in NY/CC

Cape Cod Kitty said...

It is inspiring that you could feel a bit of the peace and beauty...I really feel that there is almost no way to truly convey how that day felt. It will live on forever in my memory as a place to go when I need to renew myself.
So nice to hear from you. Marcia

sher said...

I think this was such a meaningful post to me because you expressed how important it is to be conscious of what really matters--love, and the appreciation of the beauty of life, no matter where we are. The pictures are extraordinary and I felt like I was in a perfect place--to feel at one with life. Hugs!