Sunday, April 6, 2008

Almost Back from the Dogs

Liza and Sammy

My 6 days of caring for Liza and Sammy will end today - I am packing to return home to Ms. G and my doggie friends will be so happy to have their parents return this evening. They are a constant source of amusement for me when I am there but they did have to stay outside the door and wait while I had lunch each day in my beautiful sunny spot pictured above. Every time I would sit down to eat they would BOTH try to climb into my lap! Not quite possible but that did not stop the attempts. My dear boss and his wife have a beautiful home and I am always honored to stay there and share it many times during the year. Like a little vacation. It is not far from my house so I can spend time each day with Ms. G, as well.

LM joined me there on Friday evening and it was a sort of eerie time of finding our comfort spots with each other again. We watched several silly movies, laughing and holding each other closely on the couch, every once in awhile, we would look at each other and comment on how strange the past 7 weeks have been. LM is opening up about feelings and sharing the surreality of actually dying (and being brought back, of course) which haunts him, yet he catches himself quickly and pulls himself back to moving forward and savoring what we have. I notice a lot more smiles now.
Morning found our familiar banter and lightness of spirit emerging and Saturday was a happy, happy day in its normality. Later we shared a lovely walk. Despite the brisk north winds, it was totally quiet as we walked to the end of the doggies' country lane to look at the beach and water, and even though winter still has its grip on Cape Cod....LM noticed tiny buds on the beach rose shrubs which are so common here. HOPE! We are so blessed, and as LM warmed my hands in his, I had tears in my eyes when I recalled the near loss we have just been through and how very grateful I am to have his warmth, his life, his love.


islaygirl said...

those doggie faces are hysterical; i can just see them trying to get into your lap simultaneously.

glad to hear things are going well with LM's (and yours, really) recovery.

sher said...

Thank you for that post. It had so many emotional colors for me. I smiled and then teared up. Your writing is a gift to us. :)