Friday, April 18, 2008

LM Update

Without even realizing it fully, life has almost come back to normal for us and I haven't written about LM's remarkable progress.
Today he visited his cardiologist, Dr Wolfe (yes, we are going to do our best to keep him from the door!). The report was great, although exercise needs to become a priority. I am hopeful that the cardiac rehab program which begins in a few weeks, will help with building a regular pattern of exercise. LM has found out that niacin deficiency may be a major underlying cause of the tremendous plaque build-up in his heart. The Dr gave him a drug for niacin replacement but he is going to try doing it nutritionally as the side effects from the drug are awful.

Otherwise, LM is back to work full-time, and teaching two nights a week, and working tirelessly for the benefit of recreational fishermen in MA. It is wonderful and his attention to a carefully planned diet is amazing. I would also say that he is in great shape emotionally, too. We do spend time each weekend talking a bit about the impact of all that happened but my tears have stopped and being together is getting back to our usual rhythm.

We had so much wonderful love and support around us that it seems this can be the only possible outcome and we are eternally grateful.

Tomorrow we are off to Connecticut to swap a car for the local Chevrolet dealer. These trips are really fun and we get to see many new places....adventures are just our favorite thing.

PS...LM is more then ever in the good graces of Ms. G. Happy girl and lots of purring and adoring looks.


Beverly said...

How wonderful!!! I hope you both have a memorable weekend. I cannot wait for your recounting of it on Monday...I will feel like I was there too...

Jes said...

Hello Marcia! Lovely blog you have here...I love to garden, and it's so nice to see so many shots of flowers in bloom!!

I am behind on LM....but I still want to say BIG HUGS and hang in there, and all of that stuff!

Thanks for visiting my blog and purchasing one of my pieces! I sent "Joy" out this morning, and honestly, after visiting your blog, I think it's going to have a perfect home with you!!

Keep in touch!

xoxox~Jes Berry