Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Road Again/Scenes from the Weekend

Fun and games Ms. G and LM style......winding down another lovely Sunday together; our good-byes were softened with a few minutes of love and fun with her royal highness.
We made a few more babysteps in our relationship this weekend and philosophically discussed the fact that at times I feel like progress is not being made, but in reality bigger things are happening to build a stronger foundation for our love. Being able to talk about the distance I feel at times, really helps. LM is so easy to be with and so willing to talk about the ramifications of all that has happened these past few months. He is still shaking out all the demons himself.
Today I realized it makes sense not to be trying to get back to where we were before LM's "coming back from death" experience, but instead to go forward toward the new life ahead. We had amazing adventures, made memories which we still like to sink our teeth into, and were given a gift of six incredible months of sheer bliss, deep passion, finding a love which is now carrying us over the hurdles to a different place.
Yesterday we made the car pick-up in Connecticut and it was the most beautiful day. We drove down on the highways and back through country roads, stopping to have a picnic on the roadside in the 80 degree weather. We came though areas I had never seen before which are just so picturesque....Coventry, Brooklyn and many other quaint and historic CT towns. Last night we took a long walk through Chatham Village, walked on an old wooden bridge across a marsh to look at a careful restoration my company is doing of an historic house in the Old Village, then got to the lighthouse just as the moon was rising over the Atlantic. It was twilight and the moon was very pink at first. We stood for a long time hugging and taking in the golden reflection of the moon on the water before making the walk back to the car. The perfect ending to our day!
Sometime in the night last night, LM turned in bed and held me, and whispered "I love you" in my ear.....not even knowing if I was awake. Once again I am reminded of what a gift he is in my life.

Daughter Anne: If you read this you cannot tell J & A that you did!!

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT son called this morning to ask us to stop by and see their garden which is beautiful right now (even if the deer are stopping by to munch on the pansies and grape hyacinths). We arrived about noon and did a lovely garden walk, then we sat down to have a cold drink and share some lovely fruit. Suddenly my dear daugther-in-law made a very special announcement......they are expecting their first child in early December. This child has been awaited for many years and could not be coming into a more wonderful home! I am on cloud 9!


Beverly said...

Sounds like you and LM had a very good weekend. I admit I sometimes wonder what you are trying to tell us, tho maybe you are just talking to yourself.
Wonderful baby news!!!!

Anonymous said...

I "found" your blog last week and enjoyed tracing back to the first post. I was waiting to hear how your weekend went and was happy to hear all of the good a woman that is making the Cape her home in the near future-and striking out on her own-I value your words of self discovery. Sharing your love and movement in your relationship is special-and I feel privileged to read it! I look forward to your next entry. Last, but not least, hooray for the baby that is on it's way to our world!

Ann in NY-soon to be your neighbor on the outer Cape!

Marie Louise said...

I am 46 and although I've been married in the past, I have recently found my true love. It is wonderful to see someone else finding the same thing. I live in eastern CT, not far from the area you were traveling this weekend. I wish you all the best. It is a wonderful thing when someone tells you "I love you".

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Ann,
Thank you so much for such a nice note.
You will love living on the Cape. It was my dream to live here since childhood and especially in Chatham....I was in Sandwich for 28 years before this and that was nice, too but the outer Cape is very special to me.
I plan to write more about my move here and how it happened.
Contact me anytime if I can be of help with info regarding your move.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Marie Louise,
Thank you for commenting. So happy to hear that you have found a new love, too. It is a great feeling.
Wishing you all the best...and hope to hear from you again!
We really did love our trip through CT on Sat. I, in particular, would love to go back to Coventry and visit the Capriland Herb Gardens....someday...have you been there?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marcia, for your offer. I am 50 yrs old and have been spending time on the outer Cape since I was 2. Spent about half my time there over the past 3 years-enough to make my decision! I will look forward to reading about your move and of course, all of the wonderful topics you share with "us". By the way, I have two very special kitty's-a 14 year old male and 4 year old female. I have been telling them all about what to expect in their new home! I'll be looking forward to your next post....Ann in NY/CC