Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are They Gullible Enough to Believe Spring is Coming to Cape Cod

Welcome to to the overlook at Lighthouse Beach in Chatham. Each morning I visit here to enjoy this beautiful view, meditate and give thanks. Right now it is still really wintry feeling and it was too cold and windy to even get out of the car for long on Sunday when I caught these two local denizens assessing the shifting sands we live on. They are looking at the waves breaking over newly created North Beach Island which came in to being a year ago when a storm broke through a very long barrier beach which protects most of North Chatham from the open Atlantic. The island and its few family camps are washing away in multiple feet everyday. That is the way life is here on Cape Cod where change is very visible. I love it.....living on this edge of the sea. The raw beauty of nature moving and changing the sand just the way she wants. It makes life very interesting. I found the juxtaposition of the gulls and the "no parking longer than 30 minute sign" quite appropriate as if you stay too long here, the beach, and parking lot could be gone....that parking lot is a mere shadow of what it was when I was a child, or back in the 80's for that matter. I have seen many many houses washed away by the ocean here, as well. Cannot say it is not a dramatic place to live, dramatically beautiful!
When my children were little we often camped on or near beaches and used to love watching seagulls and comparing them to our lilac point siamese cat Purrsi, as he had a way of perching himself and looking around with what we thought were seagull attributes. As a little inside joke I leave this note for daughter, Anne....two purrches, purrching on a purrch purch....she'll know.

P.S. Three days before LM had his heart attack we did a strenuous walk on this beach in a very cold and heavy wind. WHEW! Just to think, today he returned to working and he is the picture of health and happy as a lark. "Lovin' life," he says! Me, too!

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Beverly said...

I remember visiting the lighthouses and reading about the erosion of the waves, and being sad the ocean could take it away. The constant changes of our world...