Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Pays a Visit

As I stepped out of my office into the warm sun at noon today, I could suddenly smell spring. Gardens have been raked, new mulch is down, daffodils are everywhere and even a few tulips are waving in the breeze! I was able to drive home at lunch with the car windows down...ahhhhhh, spring's relief from winter.
The pots, urns and flower boxes of pansies are beginning to adorn many of the shops on Main Street in the village; a destination for people from all over the world, Chatham wakes up beautifully from the long winter's sleep we are given here. I just love our village; we even have a great old-fashioned 5 & 10 in which you can find just about anything you need, and there is not a big box store in sight. It makes me so happy when I can just drive to the village for something I need to accomplish a chore or finish a creative project, and I can buy groceries at our Village Market, year round, which is owned by local people and happy to sell locally grown items, when available. The architecture is carefully preserved and treasured. In the winter at least half the shops are closed and now as the pansies appear, businesses are freshening up and open, at least on the weekends, and soon the throngs of visitors will fill the streets and the sounds of the band concerts will be heard on Friday nights.
This is a beautiful place to be, and as I took in a deep breath of Spring today, I felt very, very fortunate to breathe it here, and even more fortunate that LM breathes it with me now!
I promise to get some pictures of Main St soon!

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