Friday, October 11, 2013

This Week in Pictures

Earlier this week, I got a call at work from LM. Without any preamble, he was laughingly asking if I'd received "the e-mail."  In the midst of conversing with my boss, I was only able to say I would check "the e-mail. Now I was completely intrigued and couldn't wait to see the subject of such hysterical laughter. Oh my, LM knows me well, and he's the type of person who truly loves to see me happy.  He knew these two photos would really make me laugh. They were taken at the bridge by West Dennis beach, where he faithfully holds court daily, trying to catch "the big one," not to mention all the kibitzing with friends that goes on there, too. So when this most unlikely parade happened along that afternoon, he was incredulously happy that, for once, he had his camera in hand to catch the moment, as he knew I would just LOVE this scene. I've been known to shriek excitedly if we drive by a field of sheep or donkeys!! He did hear from other fisherman that this pied piper of sheep had been seen on the beach earlier, but we know nothing else of the story.

 I just love the faces on these sheep and cannot believe they were just walking so calmly with their shepherdess. There were a few bah's overheard, as well.  They are wearing coats to keep their wool clean, so she must use/sell the wool.  You just never know what LM will find at his wonderful fishing spot, so I have included several other photos taken this week.
So, this owl was not seen by LM but he is so beautiful that I had to include him in the report!  Mr Great Horned Owl was spotted on the roof of my sister, Susan's house in CO, one day this week. This photo was caught by her ever vigilant, nature-loving neighbor, Peggy.  She never heard him hoot, but I am betting he will bring some good luck, or at least eat a few mice! The confirmation of the feathers is a wonder of nature!
LM was visited by this green heron while fishing on Monday evening. It is amazing how close they come to humans.

This Great Blue Heron has been hanging around the fishing area for several weeks now.
He does a lot of fishing, too - he and LM are kindred spirits.
Tuesday evening brought the most wonderful sunset, and once again our photographer was ready!
Truly spectacular!

Our darling Teddy, spent last weekend camping in NH with his parents, and had the time of his this photo. They also surprised him with a visit to Santa's Land!
I will be spending some time with him tomorrow and cannot wait. 
Happy weekend everyone.
Sending love to all.


Beverly said...

I love the sheep! Made me smile.... Have a great weekend!!!

Judy said...

WONDERFUL PICTURES!!! I wondered why the sheepies had coats on--no need for warmth with all their wool. I see now--to keep them clean. Not a baaaaaaaad idea!