Monday, October 14, 2013


As Jon Katz says, there is nothing like the October light. Everything is golden as I look out toward the ocean through the trees this morning, and it makes it much easier to go to work, despite the fact that today is a holiday and it will be very quiet. A day to catch-up, a day to have time with thoughts...a rarity. The is the day when we traditionally feel the change of seasons here on Cape Cod, as many visitors have gone back to their homes, and a hush descends.  I love this shoulder season, as our balmy weather continues for many more weeks and the beauty seems spacious.

Quite a day for Boston sports yesterday. Through LM and various others, I vicariously enjoy the Red Sox and Patriots and they really pulled out the stops yesterday. Whew!
It was a big day in other sports, too. Tatyana McFadden won the wheelchair division in the Chicago Marathon....representing the U of IL....she is amazing, and the runners up were also from the same program.

Happy Monday all.....


Judy said...

I forgot it was a holiday. We don't seem to celebrate those here, like you do in the East. You have Patriots Day and so many days when you don't have to go to work. Here, we just keep plugging away--unless you belong to one of the car manufacturing unions--they get the day off. P.S. I do not like unions!

Retired English Teacher said...

I agree with you and Jon. There is nothing like October light.

Those Sox are looking good. I'm cheering for them.

I hope you are well.