Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bayside Lunch and DONKEYS!

After the big expedition around Gooseberry Island, we were ready for a cool drink and some nourishment. On our way in to Westport we had passed The Bayside, a very sweet looking yellow cafe with outdoor seating, and it was determined to be THE place. Our timing was just right to get the last table available on the outdoor deck. The view was so captivating that I had to keep reminding myself I had an incredibly wonderful date to focus on, as well, as the Audubohn sanctuary (must have been a beautiful farm at one time) and Buzzards Bay beyond.
Of course, I noticed right away that they make all their own desserts and specialize in pies! Loved the name "Cat's Pies."
There are no food photos because we dove right in to our our beautifully served, impeccably fresh baked cod, handcut french fries and perfect cole slaw. 
While waiting for our desserts, I looked up to see the lovely afternoon light coming through the leaves of the ash tree that shades the deck.....really beautiful. Such a great find.
As we walked back to the car, this beauty was parked right next to mine....memories of my teen years flashed before my eyes.
All too soon it was time to leave lovely Westport, and we began to wind through the lovely farmlands of Dartmouth.  As we passed through a tiny village we spotted Alderbrook Farm on the left, me ogling the lovely field of flowers near the road.  LM asked if I wanted to go back, and quick U-turn had us on the way. 

As we parked and looked around, I uttered a gasp, that caused LM to think I was having a heart attack...he was quite relieved to find I was reacting to seeing this  handsome fella!  I later found 
out his name is Jack!
Behind the field of flowers was a very large penned in area with pygmy goats, geese, sheep, and pigs. another pen held chickens, bunnies and a peacock and at the back of this immaculately kept family farm were cattle and other livestock. There were also two more miniature donkeys. I had found heaven!

This lovely critter was staked near the back and very happy to receive some pats and have a little discussion.
Looking from the farm area back toward the street. a lovely area.

This donkey was eating some hydrangeas along a stream. There were THREE donkeys...I was in heaven.

The playful goats.

A late crop of beautiful lettuce

This wonderful pumpkin array had just been put out.

They were selling these edible nasturtiums in the farm stand.

This flower garden was so perfectly cared for and neat....dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, etc.

After a little shopping for fresh veggies and fruit in the stand, we bid adieu to Alderbrook farm, and slowly made our way back to Cape Cod, and met up with this handsome sentinel at the east end of the Cape Cod canal.  We sat in the lovely warm afternoon sun in this lovely spot, one of so many that day.

The very late day sun reflecting on a Yarmouth cranberry bog.

LM's welcome home from his other girlfriend. She is completely shameless.
Soon she was all mine......Don't let her kid you, though, she loves that fleece blanket, wherever it is!

A sweet moment with these goes on and on.

Oh, happy days!
Love to all.


Marsha from Massachusetts said...

I love your photos! What kind of camera do you use?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Marsha,
So nice of you to stop by....I have an inexpensive Canon Power Shot and I love it. Used to have all the fancy cameras but no longer have the time to set, etc.
See you again, I hope!

Judy said...

Happy days, indeed! Glad you are enjoying the days now--with less stress and more time together.