Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

With your birthday approaching quickly this year, the memories come flooding into my consciousness, and, this year, a clear picture has emerged conveying the excitement that Mum would exhibit in planning something to celebrate your special day. As well as having all of us around to sing happy birthday and share one of her delicious cakes, there would be a night out just for the two of always had those times, and they really are indicative of the love you shared.

This picture was taken in 1968....6 months or so after Sam was born, and it really reflects your love...I miss and appreciate you more everyday.

Happy birthday with all my love! Your Kitty.....

PS. A special thank you to my cousin, Ed, for giving me this photo recently.  A treasure!

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Judy said...

We never forget the special days, do we?