Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Seaside Beauty

October finds the ocean still warm here, thus we have some summer-like days and nights lingering.
A little walk around the village a week ago found some very happy flowers thriving.....had to bring that beauty here, as I continue to keep my focus off the ever-increasing negative pull, and squarely on loveliness.....
I love dahlias so much. They take me right back to my childhood when neighbors raised dahlia bulbs, and the fields of flowers were a play place. The feeling of looking up at the huge and beautiful blooms lingers still.

These planters are on Main St in Chatham Village....so beautiful!

Fall asters and mums....the purple was such a deep color, not reflected in this photo, though.
Happy day, everyone! it is a beauty here and my foot is feeling much better!


Balisha said...

The flowers of your early fall are so beautiful. What gorgeous colors. Enjoy now...winter will soon be here.
Have a nice evening.

Judy said...

Good on the foot! I would love to come east to see the fall colors, but I heard, the government closed them down, LOL.