Monday, October 7, 2013

Riding the Wave of Life

What with all the lovely photos and talk of our idyllic day trips of late, one would think life is just pretty peachy here all the time, alas, there are plenty of challenges at hand.  The full week before we did the day trip to the MA South Coast, I was down for the count with diverticulitis (did it to myself by eating too many blueberries and raspberries) and dragging myself around in awful pain, making it barely to work, and eating the BRAT diet.  I had barely recovered enough to make the trip, and was rewarded with a burst of strength that allowed the nice hike on such a clear and warm day. Little did I know that I somehow picked up some bacteria on one foot and four days later my foot would blow up like a bright hot football of deep pain that persists even now.  This morning I had to drag myself over to the nearest urgent care facility, after trying everything I could all weekend to calm the pain and swelling.  After an x-ray, and a prescription for Keflex (DRAT), I am home with my foot soaking in Epsom salts, which actually feels quite helpful.
Every once in while, life just says, I'm going to test you again, and here we are. Well, anyway, it is a beautiful warmish, breezy day and I am watching movies and resting.  Must go to work tomorrow.

Kristi came to spend part of Saturday with us and we had such a great time. She is thriving with her new family and looks wonderful. It is such a relief to us to see her this way. We notice especially how enthusiastic she seems, and that she is enunciating her words wonderfully. She really was emulating the mumble type conversation of her mother. She's very excited about eating healthy, and is looking forward to a visit to her aunt in WY next month. Thoughtful, as always, she came bearing little gifts for Teddy and Samantha!  We were celebrating her birthday and Kristi's first wish was to play mini-golf.  While I waited in the car with my "hot-foot" and Kindle, she and her Dad played at their favorite mini-golf course in W. Yarmouth.  I know Kristi would love to play everyday!

Back to soaking my to all.


Kittie Howard said...

Hope your foot's better soonest. Don't cheat with soaking it!

Life's roller coaster has its moments, eh?

Marsha from Massachusetts said...

Looks like some clouds covering the sun, I hope you feel better. Kristi looks great, I like her hair, glad her new life is working out for her & everyone.

Judy said...

I guess I mis-spoke. Still challenges, but...aren't there always? I guess we take the good days and are glad for them--in between the not so good days.