Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wonderful and Wacky

Today is my dear son, Jason's birthday. He is my one and only son, and the object of much love and admiration! He is a loving, hardworking and devoted father to Teddy, husband, son and friend. Wishing him much happiness for the coming year.

Several weeks ago I shared a fun evening with Teddy and his parents.....we had dinner (that's Nana Morse's zucchini casserole), we played ball, Teddy showed me how well he is doing using the "potty" and we read stories and did a lot of laughing.
Nana reading a story as Teddy is about to begin the evening sillies....lot's of running around and performing ensued.

From the wacky department....the evening we came back from our Vermont trip, LM and I went to his favorite fishing spot because a number of his fun fishing buddies "could be taking all the fish." Well we found them all on a little bridge over a salt water creek, trying madly to catch some striped bass as the tide flowed out.
This is his fun friend, Bob, who managed NOT to catch a fish, but did find a young skunk near the edge of the creek....he carried it around by the tail and showing off his belief that a skunk will not spray if held this way.....pretty rowdy time at the old creek! Lot's of laughter, and the skunk was let go to return to his siblings. (notice the miners light so they can see what they are doing when night fishing. You would not believe the gear they carry!)We are doing well here, having survived a pretty nasty heat wave last weekend.
John is working and seems to be on the straight and narrow, and LM and I are really enjoying finding ourselves again.
This weekend there is a party at Teddy's house to celebrate his Daddy's birthday and a certain Nana has a birthday, too. It will be extra special as my brother and his wife will be joining us. Alas, they cannot bring our dear Bob (cat).....he'll be home reclining on his outdoor chaise and doing his best to keep the chipmunk population under control.

Cape Cod is so beautiful and busy right now. The hydrangeas are in all their glory and many visitors are filling our towns.

Love and happiness to everyone! I'll be back with party pictures.


Retired English Teacher said...

Your wonderful and wacky post makes me happy to read. It is good to see that you and LM are re-finding yourselves, that you are enjoying family, and that you are getting ready to celebrate a birthday.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Happy for you...

Linda said...

Teddy is a very handsome young man. I can see why Nana loves him so much.

I learned something new today about skunks. I find that hard to believe but apparently it must be true since you did not get sprayed. I cared for a neighbor's two pet skunks once and those things scared me to death. They both had nasty little personalities and one evening as it was getting dark they stood on the patio and stomped their feet at me. I could hear their nails clicking on the cement. After that I fed and watered in the middle of the day when they were sleeping.

Crosby Kenyon said...

Just getting close enough to a skunk to pick it up by the tail. Yikes! I'm glad John's doing well.

Julie said...

I'm amazed how much Teddy looks like a little boy now, no longer a toddler. They grow fast! Hubby and I drove through Chatham Sunday and I kept one eye peeled to see if I spotted you.

Thanks for the enjoyable posts!


Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments....Hope you enjoyed Chatham, Julie. It is pretty crowded these days. Nice to see.