Monday, July 18, 2011

Old News - Catch-Up, Vermont Trip

This week I am on triple duty at work, what with vacations, and a promotion, time is flying by and I am loving the pace.
In bits and pieces of news....LM and I had a great trip to VT with Kristi last Saturday. It was a long day but lovely, and I enjoyed seeing places I'd visited so many years ago. We brought KIA Soul little car to drive.
Kristi and Dad outside the Wayside restaurant in Montpelier....lovely place with reasonable prices for very local and homemade food.Coming back in to Boston over the Zakim Bridge. Such a pretty sight.
John was released from house arrest on Friday and has not come back to his Dad's to sleep since then. We are not sure where he is staying but he checks in and seems OK. Comes a time when you have to let go....I wish I knew the answer to finding peace with it. He is 22, what else can we do? Anyway, LM and I enjoyed a lovely Saturday evening and Sunday and the quiet was almost deafening.
Ms G appeared to have a leg/foot ailment on the weekend. She kept looking at us while holding her left foot suspended. We were beside ourselves with worry that she had an injury but she seems fine now. Her LM reports that she is now back to jumping and leaping without hesitation. WHEW.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get as much rest as I can and looking forward to a beautiful weekend with LM. There is talk of a special date. We shall see.

Next week I will be helping a dear friend with the preparation for an engagement party she is hosting for her son and fiancee.

Daughter, Anne and husband are at their home in the Bahamas and I am picturing them relaxing on a pristine isolated pink sand beach.
Sara and Samantha joined me for a band concert and little picnic on Tuesday evening.
We each brought our own picnic...Samantha enjoying hers.Midway through the concert, the bandmaster invites the children and anyone else to join in a hat parade around the bandstand. Ms Samantha was a unicorn.


judemiller1 said...

Oh--things are sounding so much better in your life. I am so glad!

Retired English Teacher said...

Yes indeed, things are sounding much better in your life. The pictures are all fun and uplifting.

Linda said...

I'm so glad you &LM have been able to spend some quality time together. I hope John does well.

Our niece is living on the streets now. She's 47, and continues to think she's smarter than the people trying to help her. Very sad. More time in prison at this point would be a relief to her parents. At least they would know she was safe.

Coming to terms with a situation like John's drains the life out of parents. I do hope you and LM can find peace and not let this tear you apart. My in-laws have not been able to.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your promotion!!Sounds like for right now your enjoying being extremely busy! Is your shoulder holding up ok? I worry about you and that shoulder! So glad you had a wonderful drive getting the car over the weekend. I love little road trips!! I hope John is living safely and will continue his good behavior. One thing that is good! You and LM can see each other again!! I hope your special date goes off without any hitches! Hope you have a wonderful time. Poor Ms G - glad to hear her paw is doing ok now. Kelly told me that Cooper is doing fine in his new home. His owner took him to their camp and both had a great time. Sounds like it's just what he needed. But...I still miss him like crazy. He's been gone a month and 2 days now. We are leaving at 8 am in the morning. It's going to be wretchedly hot there - mid to high 90' least we can jump in the water. But it's probably hot too!! Have a great week!! Thanks so much for your note...debbie