Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog Days

Tiger is settling in, although, he still does not understand the cats' need for personal space.
Although, we, here on Cape Cod, can feel the heat wave, we have our welcome friend, the southwest wind, blowing through and cooling our days and nights. I have still not needed the AC. We shall see what today and tomorrow bring, as the warnings are dire. Tiger is wise to stay in the AC at his house in Baltimore, as they are deep into a very hot summer.

Nice week here....LM and I had a sweet date last night to see the movie, "Midnight in Paris".....charming and beautiful twist on the 1920's literary and art scene in Paris, and a new member of my all time favorite list. A very fun concept, and timely in that I recently read "The Paris Wife" by Paula McLain.
Hope you are all staying cool.....sending you love and cooling breezes from Cape Cod.


judemiller1 said...

Boy--that breeze feels great! If only, LOL. It will be 100 today with heat index of 110. Michigan is not supposed to be like this!

Annie Joy said...

The southwest wind is kind to you! For us, it blows from Arizona and New Mexico. I'll continue to visit your blog to get some relief, and patiently await autumn. (I hope Oklahoma has an autumn this year! :)) Annie