Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sheep & Flowers: The Rest of the Balti Trip.

Due to Blogger and my own issues, I am two months late with the rest of the photos from my trip to Balti in May. I read yesterday that Google is taking over Blogger. Will there be changes?? One would hope so. Anyway, on to the photos and wishes for everyone to have a lovely summer day. Life is still not so happy here but we try on a daily basis to make the best of it.

My "nephew" Mike, enjoying a stolen hank of corriedale fiber....his favorite treat....better than catnip to Mike.
Beautiful begonias at Baltimore City Market
My sister-in-law always has multiple pots with a great variety of flowers, on her front steps.
Very unusual petunias
Alium in their garden
Tree peonies and poppies
Mock Orange
Siberian iris
Tree peony
Yellow tree peony
Spotted this bird's nest in a utility pole as I was walking in to the Sheep & Wool Festival.
Lovely hooked rugs in the winners circle display

A bleating, not-happy sheep being primped prior to being shown
Several more entrants
He gave me the evil eye but was certainly beautiful
The crowds were amazing, and traffic a true challenge
More cuties.
It really was a lovely time with wonderful sunny days and fun with my brother and family. I have a few more photos of a wild adventure with my nephew, Martin. Stay tuned.
Love to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I can imagine Mike drumming his back feet against his prize. Bob still remains my second favorite, Ms G my very favorite!! What beautiful flowers. I'd love to have a Mock Orange bush, they smell heavenly!! Like the Siberian Iris too, oh heck...I like them all!! lol. That is some RAM !! What a set of hornes he has - WOW!
I'm sorry things aren't improving on the home front. It will be awhile I'm sure. Hang in there! ...debbie

judemiller1 said...

I love the smell of Mock Orange! My Mother had a bush of it in her garden by the back door.

Retired English Teacher said...

It looks like you had an interesting and fun trip.
I hope things get better for you soon.