Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Scene

A morning at LM's house would not be complete unless we awoke to the sound of our neighbor's geese and the crowing of another's rooster. We love it. The geese happen to be the guards in a delightfully quirky flower garden, so here is a little peek for you. I love to walk over in the summer to buy flowers at the little wagon.
Customers are invited to "take the vase and bring it back when you have a chance."
Looking in to the garden there are all types of quirky little buildings and an abundance of wonderful flowers.
The geese usually come running to the fence, necks lowered and squawking at us.
Aha, do you see someone standing in that garden???
There he is all decked out in his farmer duds, Mr. Scarecrow. I wonder if he is necessary with all those geese? We love all the little wagons and buildings scattered about. The owner is renowned for his construction of fairy-type buildings in many Cape Cod gardens. It's on my list to check out an enchanted garden he made at a nearby lavender farm. It is near Sara and Samantha's house so will be a fun surprise walk one day soon.
On the morning I visited recently, he was building a new fence along the front of the garden and I was enchanted by his work wagon seen here. Typical of touches throughout the garden.
Later in the same day, LM and I went over to the northside of the Cape to have an al fresco supper by Sesuit Harbor. We love to watch the boats coming in off the water at the end of the day, and the little cafe has delicious food.
These delicious fried clams may or may not have been eaten by a certain writer.
Several weeks ago my first husband, Allan, father to daughters Anne and Sara, was here visiting from FL. We had a nice early dinner Mashpee Commons and then a little walk around. After all these years not much has changed.
Sweet Samantha loved seeing her Grampa.
One night last week, a co-worker and I were invited to have dinner with clients with whom we've both become good friends. Their house sits over Aunt Lydia's Cove which is Chatham Harbor. The view is east to North Beach Island, a barrier beach, and then to the open Atlantic, certainly one of the most beautiful spots I know. Note the gulls following the fishing boat returning home at the end of a day's work, and also the fish chairs from which we could enjoy the view.
It's taken me weeks to make this post, due to Blogger issues. I certainly hope to be back sooner.
We are doing really well right now, just had a fun birthday celebration last weekend, and tomorrow I will be attending a huge quilt show....hope to be back soon with pictures.
Summer is fleeting away, and it has been beautiful here.
Love to all!!

PS: Click on any of the photos to enlarge.


judemiller1 said...

Nice pictures and nice to see you back writing here--I miss your posts! Also nice to see you are "friendly" with your ex--as I am with mine. Every now and then you run into them at a grandchild's something and it is far better to be pleasant then ugly to each other. Fred's wife refuses to be anywhere he might be--so he has to ask his daughter if he is allowed to go see their grandson play ball. Such stupidity! I told him he should go anyway and just ignore her.

Retired English Teacher said...

Wonderful photos. I would love visiting the garden also.

Your happiness and well-being come through in your writing. I'm so happy that you are enjoying the end of your summer so much.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I am happy to feel you smile in my heart.
The garden - the type I love.
Thank you for sharing.
I love fried clams or all seafood.
Enjoy the weekend...

Anonymous said...

I REALLY enjoyed your post!! Good hearing from you too! You sound quite upbeat my friend!! Good for YOU!! Things are looking up! I thought the little garden and all the little houses and carts etc...were just darling. I'd love to fill my vase up once a week there!! Cute picture of Samatha. She is growing up!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Hello to Ms G and LM...debbie

Linda said...

Your hard work paid off in a very nice post. I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous said...
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